Last Day at Covered Portage Cove for Now

Saturday, July 26,2014

We had another relaxing day at anchor today.
I baked cookies, we did the swimming and cleaning up routine, hiked up to the top of the cliff, I did some yoga (Ohhhhhhm!) while Rick worked on some electrical issues on the boat, we ate well, and relaxed.

We had a visit with Kat, Court, Lori, and Fred after they arrived. It rained and we had to make a dash for home from Lori and Fred’s boat in our dinghy.

Wonderful day!!
(No pictures today…very unusual for me! Wish I had taken some pics of the Bayfield Club Gang. We hope to meet up again so I’ll be sure to capture their pretty little faces when I get another chance.)

Tomorrow we plan to make our way to Baie Fine in the morning. It is a beautiful little pool at the end of a 10 mile fjord. On Monday we are supposed to have very high winds so the plan is to stay put at Baie Fine for a couple days to ride out the bad weather.

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1 Response to Last Day at Covered Portage Cove for Now

  1. Carol says:

    Michelle I hope that you are warm and dry as it is so cooool here!! Nothing exciting here. John is doing well and staying out of Hospital. Enjoy your trip!! Love Carol

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