Guinevere’s Last Sail of 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We were pretty determined to make it home today if the weather allowed us to cross the 36.7 nautical miles from Pelee Island to LaSalle. When we got up at 6:00 a.m. the weather forecast was reasonable so we were out of our slip at Scudder’s Marina by 6:15.

There was quite a strong north wind so backing out of the dock was difficult without any help from fellow boaters to hold the lines. Guinevere’s bow wanted to spin sideways, in the opposite direction from where we needed her to go. I held on to the bow line for as long as I could before jumping aboard as Rick backed out. Rick maneuvered Guinevere in a backward direction until he had enough space to give her some gas and turn her around. In the end all went well and we were on our way for the last leg of our 2013 sailing adventure.

The wind kicked up to a maximum of 23 knots before long and we were able to sail. We were moving anywhere from 6.5 to 7.3 knots and the waves were very choppy. We were heeling quite a bit. At one point, a huge wave flew into the cockpit and completely soaked Rick from head to toe. Even though I was a little nervous and I felt sorry for him, I couldn’t help laughing. It struck me as so funny!

Anyway, after about an hour of intensive sailing, we ended up taking the jib down and we motor-sailed through the lake. When we reached the river in Amherstburg, we motored and eventually pulled in to St. Clair Marina in LaSalle at 1:45 p.m. It felt good to be on home turf.

We immediately started to organize the boat so that we could get her unpacked and ready to be pulled out sometime in the next few days. I called Mike and he picked us up and brought us home. (It was so nice to see him!)

Although I’m sure we’ll miss the adventures of being on the water, I think we’re both ready for the next stage of being home. Rick has lots of work to do to get Guinevere ready for our future sailing trips. Her mast will be taken down, she’ll be hoisted out of the water, and settled on her cradle by Monday.

Time to move on from this wonderful experience we’ve had together. We are both looking forward to catching up with the people that we’ve missed. I’ll also be nesting at home and getting involved again with some artistic endeavours.

2013 Sailing Adventures Epilogue:

I’m not sure about the creative direction that my blog will take now that we are home. Originally, I intended it to be more of a photo journal for our sailing trip. I ended up recording more in written form than I expected and, because I had technical difficulties, the photos took a back seat to the journal writing. (By the way, I intend to revisit this blog in the near future and enhance it with lots of photos now that I can use my desktop computer at home. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can retrieve the photos from my fried laptop when I bring it to a computer technician next week.)

Anyway, I’ll have to wait and see what creative inspiration strikes me next.
You may want to stay tuned.

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