Two More Windy Days in Dunkirk

It was much too windy to set out for our next destination, Erie, Pennsylvania, so we hunkered down in Dunkirk. We had some enjoyable summertime fun while we were here.

As I mentioned before, the locals in Dunkirk are very friendly. A number of people at the marina offered us use of their car or they were willing to run errands for us. Passersby, young and old, usually acknowledged us with a hello. Anyone we interacted with was helpful, patient, and very often made a point to shake our hands after our exchange. The town appears to be struggling financially. Apparently, their economy was tied into the steel industry and a big flour factory which both went down.

Here are a few of the things we did in this little town:

– We made good use of their lakeside bicycle trail.
– We took part in their Beach Bash celebrations which included some live music by local cover bands, and a small-scale sand sculpture event.
– We enjoyed their top rate used book store run by volunteers working with the school boards to encourage literacy in the community.
– Jenna’s Diner, a circa 1950’s diner, served us a great breakfast.
– There was a walleye (pickerel) fishing tournament and we checked in at the weigh station to hob nob with the fishermen.
– We had a guided tour of the local lighthouse which was first established in 1827 then revamped in 1875.

I cooked a big pot of chili, we read our books, I did Chache’s exercises and did a yoga practice. We chatted with the other boaters at the marina and went for several coffee breaks at a little cafe run by a 1960’s music buff named Steve.

You can see that we had some summertime fun in this little town.

Being here brings to mind for me how, in a way, we live in a great big world with lots of people going about doing their own things, living their own lives. On the other hand, meeting this small sample of people, I feel connected to others and know that we are all really more alike than different.

Enough philosophizing.

Life is grand.

(Look for some great photos to come at a later time!)
(Did I mention that I miss my computer?? Insert smiley face here.)

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