Another Day in a Quaint Little Town – Port Colborne

As planned, we spent a relaxing day today in Port Colborne. The wind was ripping through town for part of the day and we were happy to be ashore.

We did some wash at the on site laundromat and worked a bit around the boat then, after lunch, we headed out on our bicycles to explore the town. Tomorrow Port Colborne begins it’s Canal Days weekend celebrations and we could already feel the electricity of anticipation in town. We got a few groceries, went to the local historical museum, checked out a couple art gallery shops, picked up some things at the hardware, and generally wheeled our bikes around town. Rick had a piece of carrot cake from the bakery. We also sat at the very nice library to read newspapers and magazines. I took some pictures and look forward to sharing them with you once I get home. (I have to complain once more about my computer being on the blitz…forgive me…Wah, wah!)

Later, we went to a restaurant called The Smokin’ Buddha which is located in the old train station. This restaurant served food that was right up our alley. We had Pad Thai but could have chosen from a number of curry and vegetarian dishes. We haven’t eaten out very much at all since we left home because so many of these towns don’t offer the types of food we want to eat. This was a real treat for us.

Tonight we are waiting out the big winds and hope to wake up to calm weather. We’ve already showered so that if we wake up to nice weather, we are going to leave very early in the morning. This way we can head across the lake to the U.S.A. side of Lake Erie and get there before the storms hit as expected in the afternoon.

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