Sunday, July 28, 2013

Before I start, let me be clear that we are safe and cozy in Port Whitby Marina tonight.

I have to be honest, though, today was a tough day of sailing.

We started out from Cobourg at 7:15 this morning with a brisk wind blowing from the southwest.

Rick was backing the boat out of the dock and right away I could tell that once I let out the line at the bow, Guinevere would be pushed sideways by the wind, right into the sailboat that was docked next to ours. I had some of the line let go and then Rick struggled to maintain control of the boat. He bumped into a couple of nearby dinghies. The couple docked on the other side of us ran over to help. The man told me to let go of the line or I would be pulled into the water. No way could I control a 5 ton runaway sailboat. With Rick’s concentrated efforts to control Guinevere, he didn’t see that I hadn’t been able to hop on. I felt like Dorothy watching the wizard take off in his hot air balloon without her. I quickly ran to the end of the set of docks, called out to Rick, and had him pick me up on the way by, on his way out to the harbour. How’s that for the start of the day?

The water in the lake was very turbulent, and because we were motoring in the opposite direction to the waves, we crashed heavily into every wave. Soon I became VERY seasick. I was of no help to Rick at all because I had to lie down with my eyes closed. I felt really bad leaving all the work to Rick but I was throwing up, feeling raunchy and unable to move.

In the morning we were originally hoping to get to the Ashbridge Marina in Toronto (54 nautical miles) but when we got to Whitby (36 nautical miles) at 3:00 p.m. we were glad to stop. Both of us were feeling pretty frazzled. We got help docking but I was sloppy and almost fell in!

Anyway, we had a lot of learning opportunities today and that’s one of our goals for this summertime adventure.

Sunstreak was name of the sailboat of the people who helped us this morning. We didn’t know the names of the people but they told us that they were staying at the Whitby Yacht Club. We wanted to thank them so we hopped on our bikes and went for a visit.

Their names are Judy and John. Judy is the commodore at the Port Credit Yacht Club and she teaches sailing courses. We really picked their brains about how we could have improved our leave this morning. They gave us some good ideas. Now we just need some more practice.

Even though there were some trying times this was overall a good day.

Looking forward to tomorrow. We are planning to stay in Whitby for one more day. The next day looks good for crossing the lake so we will probably forgo Toronto and head right out to the start of the Welland Canal.

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