Alternator Update and Sunset Photos of Dock Lines

Monday, July 15, 2013

This morning the new alternator was ordered by Williams Marina. We plan to dock at the marina tomorrow afternoon and hopefully Guinevere will be repaired on Wednesday. We expect the wind to be favourable for a sail tomorrow so we shouldn’t have to depend on this faulty electrical system for the 3 nautical mile trip to the marina.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the anchorage. I took the dinghy by myself to Mulcaster Island, about a ten minute ride away, and took lots of macro pictures today. I’ll organize them at a later time to use in future posts.

For today, I’m posting some interesting pictures of dock lines I took when we were at Collins Bay Marina.

Who would have thought that dock lines could be so beautiful?Dock Lines 7 poster  com

Dock Lines 20  com

Dock Lines 18  com

Dock Lines 17  com

Dock Lines 14  com

Dock Lines 13  com

Dock Lines 10  com

Dock Lines 9  com

Dock Lines 5  com

Dock Lines 3  com

Dock Lines 6  com

Dock Lines 1  com

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4 Responses to Alternator Update and Sunset Photos of Dock Lines

  1. Carol Anne Winters says:

    Michelle Stan & I wonder if you could put the boat on a land transfer to Windsor instead of sailing home. You seem at peace with all of this and we wish you a good journey back. Love Stan & Carol P.S. Those pics of yours are great!!!

    • Hi Carol, We have a morning appointment for repair tomorrow. If all goes well we will slowly start making our way home early next week. Hope all’s well for you and Stan. Sounds like you are having a heat wave. Stay cool. Take care. Michelle

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Tracey Lillis says:

    Hi Mich
    Your pictures are amazing and I can see them on my wall in Kelowna!!! Thanks for sharing your journey and we are following along. Hope the good weather precedes you!


    • Hi Trace, Hope you and James are enjoying your adventures in Vancouver. Have you made any decisions about your length of stay or your lodgings? We are back on the road (river) now that the boat has been repaired. I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying this holiday. Photo ops (remember James used to tease about photo ops on our Alberta holiday) abound. Nice to keep in touch with you. Looking forward to our visit in September. Love, Mich

      Sent from my iPhone

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