Trouble in Paradise

Monday, July 8, 2013

We spent a relaxing Monday morning and left Beaurivage in the early afternoon for Endymion Island. We were to meet Suzanne and Herve there later in the day.

Shortly after we left we could smell a strong, plastic-type smell coming from the engine area. After turning the motor off, Rick inspected the area and the alternator was steaming HOT.

We knew we couldn’t continue travelling that way so we called around for help. We tracked down a diesel mechanic from Williams Marina a few miles from Gananoque who would come to check our boat in Gananoque at Gordon’s Marina the next day.

We limped back to the marina, trying to sail most of the way. At some points we were travelling only 1.5 knots and it took over an hour to get to the dock.

Gordon's Marina

Gordon’s Marina

A tall ship was anchored at the marina. Good photo op for me!

Gananoque 20jpg  com

tallship 1  com

tallship 2  com

tallship 5  com

For the rest of the day we hung out in town and waited around at the boat.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Roger, from Williams Marine, arrived promptly at 9 a.m. and worked for 3 hours trying to figure out our problem. He adjusted some wires, gave us some advice about how to better our system in the future, and left us with Guinevere purring nicely.

We contacted Suzanne and Herve who, by now, were on their way to their favourite anchorage near Mulcaster Island. We met them there and understood why they love this secluded place so much. It’s beautiful!

On our way to Mulcaster Island.  Guinevere is behaving!

On our way to Mulcaster Island. Guinevere is behaving!

mulcaster island 1  com

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Suzanne and Herve had an appointment in town so they headed off and we stayed to enjoy Mulcaster. It was a windy and rainy day so we stayed around the boat quite a bit, swimming, relaxing, vacationing, and enjoying the quiet.
We did dinghy to the National Park, Mulcaster Island for a lovely hike.

mulcaster island 8  com

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Mulcaster Island

Rick is waiting for me at the dock while I take the pictures above.  Poor guy...always waiting!

Rick is waiting for me at the dock while I take the pictures above. Poor guy…always waiting!

We were at peace.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This morning we called ahead to Collins Bay Marina to make arrangements for a slip on the weekend where we would prepare to leave the Thousand Islands and slowly start making our way home to Windsor next week.

We decided that the next couple days would be our final days of lazing around the Thousand Islands area. By mid-morning we were ready to pull up anchor and head to Endymion Island.

No sooner had we started the motor when the caution lights on our panel flashed and the engine started to really heat up again!

Rick called our mechanic, Roger, and it was decided that we need to get some major work done on the wiring, alternator, and maybe regulator.

As I write this entry we are waiting for a call back to find out how long it would take to have this repair work done. Williams Marina is the only place in this area that does diesel work and they are very busy with long waiting lists of boats to be repaired.

Rick and I are weighing out our options and keeping our fingers crossed that somehow they can slip us in for help soon.

In the meantime, this is a beautiful place to be stranded. The marina has a good reputation for their workmanship.

Life is good.

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1 Response to Trouble in Paradise

  1. carol anne winters says:

    Michelle Your Photos are wonderful!!! But, your trouble with the engine doesnt sound good. You
    two are so upbeat that somehow you will solve this. Keep enjoying and posting. What a great story to be written. Stay safe!! love Stan & Carol

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