Stella Bay

On Friday, after a lazy morning at Prinyer’s Cove, we made our way the 7 nautical miles to Kerr Bay. Again, the winds were fantastic and the sailing was ideal.

We anchored with no problems in the very quiet bay, then decided to take the dinghy to Stella Bay which was about 1.5 nautical miles away. We’d read through the Ports booklets that Stella Bay had a couple of interesting places to check out.

After docking at the dinghy dock we walked down the main roadway to Stella’s little cafe and it felt like we were stepping back in time to when life was much simpler.

I’ll let my pictures tell the story…

Stella Bay 9  com

Stella Bay 6  com

Stella Bay 4  com

Stella Bay 1  com

Stella Bay 3  com

We saw very few cars and walking down the centre of the road was acceptable. Farms, cottages, and beautiful old victorian-type homes lined the main road. The only commercial businesses along that 1 kilometre stretch included a General Store/Post Office, the Stella Cafe, and a little art store/museum.

The Stella Cafe had a kitchen garden out front and an invitation board suggesting we come back that evening for an island sing-along.

Check out the fresh produce!

Check out the fresh produce!

Stella Bay 5  com

Inside the cafe, we were welcomed by Judy and Anthony, the owners, cooks, gardeners, musicians, and general jacks-of-all-trades. Judy is originally from Amherst Island. This is their 5th spring/summer at Stella Bay. The rest of the year they live aboard their sailboat in the Bahamas. Before taking on the Stella Cafe, for several years they lived aboard their sailboat year-round in Toronto where Judy was a teacher of the visually impaired.

Needless to say, Judy and Anthony are very interesting people. Very nice people, too.

We ordered delicious locally made pie and headed out to the very small patio outside. There, we met Gary that Rick knew from the Collins Bay Marina (Aside: Gary was the very kind sailor who helped Rick rig up his sails on the day that Rick was discouraged about this job) and his friend John. They told us that the sing-a-long that happened every Friday night at the cafe was worth experiencing. We were convinced to dinghy back to Kerr Bay, come back to Stella Bay with Guinevere, and anchor there for the night so we could join them for the sing-a-long.

Rick had the mixed berry pie made by Ida, who was in the cafe having a coffee, and I had the pecan pie made by Betty.  I didn't get to meet Betty.

Rick had the mixed berry pie made by Ida, who was in the cafe having a coffee, and I had the pecan pie made by Betty. I didn’t get to meet Betty.

We had a lot of trouble anchoring in the small bay. It took us three tries and over an hour to finally get settled. There is a very shallow, rocky shore, the centre of the bay is mostly too deep for anchoring, and at that time of the day there were already a number of boats in the limited space.

Coming over to Stella Bay was certainly worth the effort, though! We thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the small-town sing-a-long. A number of people from the island squeezed into the cafe. Most participants played musical instruments and a bag of percussion instruments was passed around for those of us who didn’t have a traditional instrument. We had sing-a-long books and everyone participated.

Anthony is playing the guitar in the centre of the picture and Judy is the mandolin player on Anthony's right.

Anthony is playing the guitar in the centre of the picture and Judy is the mandolin player on Anthony’s right.

We walked back to the dinghy dock at 9:30 with Gary and his wife Carol, and John and Janet then had a short, moonlit ride to Guinevere.

In the morning we headed back to the cafe for coffee and breakfast then had another great sail back to the marina on Saturday afternoon. We had only been gone since Thursday morning but we had a lot of adventures and met many interesting new people in that short time.

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3 Responses to Stella Bay

  1. Tracey Lillis says:

    ok if you were going to make a pie for Stella’s cafe – what would it be? I think I would do rubarb with raspberries as it just suits the place….Thanks Mich for sharing!

  2. carol anne winters says:

    Michelle What a wonderful time you and Rick are having!!! Enjoy all the desserts you can get as the pie sounded scrumptious! Carol

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