Work and Play on Lake Ontario

Prinyer's Cove 6  com

After arriving in Kingston by train last Monday night, we realized that there were still a few jobs to be done around the boat before we could leave for any overnight trips.

It’s too bad, too, because when we got to the sailboat, there was a note left in our companionway, an invitation from Pat (the vice commodore of the Collins Bay Yacht club) and her husband Lionel. They were heading out for a three-day cruise the following afternoon and asked us to join them with Guinevere. Sadly, we had to decline because we just didn’t feel prepared to take off yet.

Anyway, all day Tuesday and Wednesday we (mostly Rick) worked to get some jobs done around the boat. He fixed the bar-be-cue, installed a new foot pump for manually bringing water to the sink, and sorted out the dinghy and davits system. (Aside #1: While Rick works on major projects, I keep the daily routines humming around here. I’m not slacking, mind you.) (Aside #2: Keep in mind that every errand we run, for example getting groceries or parts for the bar-be-cue repair, is done using our bicycles…Fun but more time-consuming than usual.)

By Wednesday afternoon we felt all caught up on the necessary chores so we started to plan a trip for the following morning.

I had a yoga class planned from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m., and had to pick up groceries after that, so our estimated time of departure would be around 11:30. We picked the brains of some of the other sailors who are more experienced with the area, checked our navigational charts, and decided to leave for a local favourite anchoring spot, Prinyer’s Cove, about 16 nautical miles away.

On Thursday, we left. The sail was absolutely beautiful. We had the perfect winds to give us an average of about 4 knots of speed all the way. Guinevere gave us a very smooth ride even with a few white-capped waves. We were delighted!

Michelle 2

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Rick 1

The Captain

We arrived at Prinyer’s cove at about 5 p.m. and got a cosy anchorage at the back of the bay. There were about 10 other sailboats anchored or moored in the bay besides the boats who were docked at the Prinyer’s Cove marina. The marina is the only commercial establishment on the bay. There are also a few cottages.

Prinyer's Cove 9

Prinyer's Cove 7  com

The anchorage was very quiet and peaceful. After taking a little toot around the bay with the dinghy, including a quick stop to check out the marina, we relaxed for the rest of the evening. I made mini pizzas for dinner, we sat and talked in the cockpit, and hit the sack early after a very satisfying day on the water.

Prinyer's Cove 4  com

Prinyer's Cove 3  com

Prinyer's Cove 2  com

Prinyer's Cove 1  com

After a breakfast of oatmeal the next morning, we went to the marina and each paid 3 dollars to use their washrooms and take a shower. It was like visiting a quaint cottage and using their facilities. Check out my photos of the place.

Prinyer's Cove 15  com

Prinyer's Cove 14  com

Prinyer's Cove 13  com

Prinyer's Cove 12  com

Prinyer's Cove 11  com

Prinyer's Cove 10  com

We spoke to a couple who had stayed the night before in the bed and breakfast, which is also on the same property. They said they had a lovely room, a delicious breakfast, and great service. We’d heard that the owner, a man named Don, runs the marina and the bed and breakfast along with his grandson.

We pulled up the anchor after our showers and headed to Kerr Bay, another favourite anchorage of the boaters around here. It proved to be another very interesting day for us. You’ll have to stay tuned if you want to hear that story, next!

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2 Responses to Work and Play on Lake Ontario

  1. Tracey Lillis says:

    Michelle, I love following your adventures and thanks for keeping up your journal so we can enjoy your trip with you! Hoping you will come to sail in Vancouver at some point:)

    • Hi Trace. Vancouver is a long way by sailboat! I guess you never know, though. Thanks for the invitation. Maybe you and James will be able to sail with us down at this end of the country someday. Take care.

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