From Windsor to Kingston via Via

Pics from a train windowAfter a few days of hustle and bustle at home in Windsor, it was time to head back to Kingston and the sailboat.

We took the Via train directly to Kingston with a short stop in Toronto.

It was a relaxing 8 hour trip. I never get tired of the beauty of Ontario. The view from the train window was mostly of farms and forests.

I took quite a few photos of the farmland to use later as inspiration for some paintings I plan to make.

Pics from a train windowPics from a train window 3Pics from a train window 2Pics from a train window 1

Pics from a train window 6

Port Hope. My sentiments, exactly.

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1 Response to From Windsor to Kingston via Via

  1. carol anne winters says:

    Hi to both of you Surprised that you took Via Rail. The weather is better now for sailing. I’m sure you will enjoy the lazy days of Summer! Love Carol

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