Queen’s University Art Gallery in Limestone City

On one of the nicer days in Kingston when Rick was involved in a major project on the boat, I headed into Kingston’s downtown and took the opportunity to visit the Agnes Etherington Art Centre located on the campus of Queen’s University.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

I was allowed to take pictures in one section of the gallery where Agnes Etherington, who established the gallery, once lived.

This small gallery is one of the most impressive galleries that I have ever experienced and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Later in the month I should be in Kingston for a couple more weeks and, if I have the chance, I will return to the gallery.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the art in the gallery so I’ll have to tell you a little bit about the exhibits that I got to see.

My favourite was a two room display of the Canadian Group of Painters.  This is a group of painters who were an offshoot of the Group of Seven and it included some of the Group’s original members.  There was more of a representation of women artists in this group.  The 48 paintings from 48 artists are spectacular and they include portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and some paintings that illustrate the social issues of the Depression and World War II era.

There was a room of interesting contemporary art, another of some African masks and other artifacts, and an exhibit dedicated to the European art of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.  I saw a couple of small original Rembrandt paintings.

After visiting the gallery I wandered around the Queen’s campus.  There were lots of beautiful old limestone buildings.

Queen's University, Limestone City

An example of the Limestone on campus and throughout Kingston.

Queen's University, Bikes

Queen’s was very quiet at this time of the year. Many of the students who were on campus used bicycle transportation.

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