Sailboat Repairs

We are back at home in Windsor for a few days.  I’m going to look through the pictures I’ve taken in Kingston and catch up on some posts that I’ve missed about our adventures due to some busyness while we were at the boat.

Our plan was to take the first two weeks in Kingston to prepare our sailboat, Guinevere, for the summer months ahead. We’ve organized, cleaned, done some minor repairs and maintenance work.

There were also a couple of major jobs to be done.  The hatches leaked and Rick has removed and rebedded them.  He has plans for adding some rubber washers to the latches, hoping that this will solve our problems completely.

Leaky Hatch 2com

Rick is doing the messy job of regooping the hatch.

Leaky Hatch 1com

We’ve been using plastic sheets as protection from leaks.

Leaky Hatch 3com

The forward hatch has been removed for repairs and we are open to the sky.

Also, we thought the engine was giving us some problems due to a bad solenoid. As it turns out, the starter has a flat spot so we had to have the starter replaced.

Hopefully that will be it for major repairs for the time being.  I’m ready to start the vacation part of our sailing experience once we get back to Kingston in a few days.

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