Tourists in Kingston

Windows and Doors 7

Here I am at the Penitentiary Museum. It is housed in the old residence of the wardens of the Kingston Penitentiary. There are 8 correctional institutions in Kingston today. Don’t pick up any hitchhikers!

We continue to have a lot of cold (45 to 60 degree F) and rainy weather. In the last few days, when it isn’t raining, there’s been 100% humidity with a constant mist in the air.

However, we haven’t let the weather stop us from work and play here in Kingston.

On Thursday, Rick and I played the tourists and visited a number of Kingston museums. We went to the Penitentiary Museum, the Pump House and Steam Museum, and the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes. Whew! That’s a lot of history in one day. We had fun together and learned a lot about this historical Canadian city. Kingstonites seem to take a lot of pride in their history and, although these museums were rather small, they were top rate.

I took a lot of pictures with my point and shoot camera, the amazing Canon S90. You’ll see from the sample of pictures below that I got sidetracked with windows and doors today. The rain outside gave a really nice light through the windows and I couldn’t resist capturing some of them.

Windows and Doors 6

Kingston Penitentiary Museum Window

Windows and Doors 5

Penitentiary Museum – washroom window

Windows and Doors 4

Marine Museum

Windows and Doors 3

Marine Museum

Windows and Doors2

Pump House and Steam Museum

Wi 1ndows and Doors

Pump House and Steam Museum

Not a bad way to spend time on a rainy afternoon!

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1 Response to Tourists in Kingston

  1. carol anne winters says:

    Michelle & Rick Yes the weather hasnt been the greatest, but, look at the fun you are having!
    Looking forward to seeing you next week!
    Love Carol

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