The Real Shakedown

Sails are Up!

Sails are up!

On Wednesday, the stars aligned and we were able to take Guinevere out for her first sail with us.

The wind was light, which was perfect for testing the furlers, winches, lazy jacks, and other assorted sailing mechanisms.

There’s such peace when the motor is turned off and the sails take over!

Everything went well except sometimes the battens on the main got caught on the topping lift. This is easily fixed. We are going to take one of the battens out and shorten the rest of the top ones. We think that’s what the previous owners had done because there was one batten missing from the boat and Rick bought a new one thinking it was lost.

We are one step closer to being ready to make an overnight trip!

Number 64

Number 64

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1 Response to The Real Shakedown

  1. carol anne winters says:

    Beautiful!!!!! Carol

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