Thoughts on Blogging and First Pump Out

I’ve always loved to record the events in my life through pictures and diaries. Deep down, I’m a natural blogger who has never before ventured into blogging.

Upon embarking on this summer’s adventures of buying a new sailboat and sailing her home, I thought of how I would arrange the story of this endeavour as a record for myself and to share with my family and friends. In the past, my vacations were recorded with digital photos that usually stayed hidden on my hard drive and I also kept diaries in various notebooks and journal logs. With encouragement and direction from my son who is an expert blogger (plug… I decided to try blogging. This way, I’ll have a permanent, organized record and it is a good way to share our story with loved ones.

I also have another reason for delving into blogging to share this story. Last year, when we were dreaming of the possibilities of buying a bigger sailboat, living aboard for part of the year and taking some sailing adventures, I read very many blogs of sailors who were already living my dreams. Reading their blogs gave me insights into the planning and execution of sailing trips. I travelled vicariously with the sailors who shared their experiences and I appreciated the learning that I gained. In some ways, although we had never met in person, I felt I knew these adventurers who wrote about their daily experiences. I hope that maybe others who happen to read my story will gain some knowledge that will help them to jump into their own personal adventures, whatever they may be.

Having said that, let me relate our experience today about our first pump out! (Insert smiley face here!) Our previous sailboat, our beloved 25 C and C, Breaking Wind, had a little port-a-john behind a curtain that served as our make believe head (washroom). Guinevere has a real head behind a closed door and instead of lugging the toilet down the docks to the public toilets for dumping, we get to go to the pump out docks where we our holding tank is cleaned out with a pump out machine. Woohoo! No problems. I should have taken a picture for more effect. Anyway, life is exciting at the marina and we’ve achieved another (small) milestone.

Conservation Area

We took another walk at the conservation area tonight.

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1 Response to Thoughts on Blogging and First Pump Out

  1. lisa says:

    I”m enjoying reading about your adventures with Guinevere and sharing the link to your blog with the team at work. Your retirement is an inspiration for me – can’t wait til it’s my turn! Hope to see you sometime this summer!

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