A Couple More Days at the Docks

inside at night

Here is where I set up to write this blog. Pretty cozy, eh?

We figured that we’d have a lot to do to settle in to the sailboat and boating life and we were right.

We’ve spent the last few days continuing to make the boat ready for the summer.

A lot of the jobs are simply the types of things that any boat owner would be doing to get ready for the season. In our case, these jobs are taking a bit more time and effort for a number of reasons: Guinevere has been sitting for almost two years so she hasn’t had any maintenance for a while (poor baby), we are in an unfamiliar city so making contacts for the first time takes a bit longer, and we are inexperienced with a lot of the features of this much bigger and ‘toy-packed’ boat than we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Believe me, this a wonderful situation to experience!

Anyway, I continue to sort through lockers and cubby holes, cleaning and pitching and replenishing. I also support Rick in his projects in any ways that I can help.

Meanwhile, Rick has been very busy working on the integral systems of the boat. He’s checked and maintained the barbecue, the fridge system, the water storage, the battery system, and the navigational electronics. He continues to adjust the lines, dinghy, and rigging. It makes me happy to see him thoroughly enjoying every aspect of this experience. He is a man in his element and it’s a pleasure to observe.

I’ve joined the local exercise club for the month of June so that I can take their yoga classes three times a week for the month. Once we leave our car in Windsor, we’ll have no car in Kingston, so I’ll be riding my bike to the classes, 3 kilometres away. I did a trial run with the yoga mat on my back before I committed to the classes. The first yoga class was yesterday. It is more of a combination exercise/Pilates/yoga class called Centergy. I thought that it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed the class. I appreciate the exercise and the good vibes of the people at the gym.

Speaking of exercise, we go walking at a beautiful Rotary Park next door to the marina and at the Lemoine Conservation Area that is right next door to that. It would be nice to be closer to the downtown Kingston area but there are advantages to being on the quieter outskirts of town, too.

Lemoine Conservation Area at Sunset

Lemoine Conservation Area at Sunset

We still haven’t been out sailing! The weather has been cold, rainy, and extremely windy. Rick is patiently waiting until I’m comfortable about taking the boat out. I need to build up my confidence, especially about docking, before I’m up for the challenges of nasty weather.

Raindrops on Hatch

I got some interesting raindrop pictures as seen through the hatch…

Maybe tomorrow we’ll get to throw off the lines and hoist the sails! I’ll keep you posted.

lantern at night

This is our view from the cockpit on a windy evening.

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