Still Busy Getting Organized

Well, the boat is in the water, the mast is up, and we are working hard to make Guinevere our summer home.

Guinevere in the fog

Isn’t she pretty in the early morning fog?

Rick has learned so much about Guinevere in particular and sailboat preparation in general in the past few days. The staff at the Collins Bay Marina as well as many of our neighbour boaters have been patiently helping him to pull everything together. Since the mast went up on Tuesday, Rick worked on the boom and the rigging, he learned about the windlass (the part that helps to raise and lower the anchors), worked on the dinghy and motor, and replaced the electric water pump!

replacing the water pump

Here is Rick replacing the water pump.

I’ve been working at cleaning and organizing the inside of the boat to make it homey. I’m determined to clean every area thoroughly before putting our things away so it is taking me a long time to get things finished. I think that the extra effort now will be worth it in the long run for us.


Here’s a look at one of our piles of stuff for the boat. I’ll proudly show off some more pictures when I finally get everything put in order.

Not everything has been work, though. Yesterday we went for coffee and enjoyed the historic ambience of Kingston. We went for a motor ride on the sailboat and watched the start of the marina’s Thursday sailboat races. We’ve been out for lunch a couple of times for Vietnamese and Cambodian food. I’ve also been happily distracted with my camera. Here is a picture of a spider web I spotted on the side of the boat.

spider web

Looking forward to pulling more together on the sailboat tomorrow. For now, we are enjoying Guinevere just how she is!

guinevere no sails

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