Launch and Shakedown Ride

The amazing crew here at Collins Bay Marina did a fantastic job of lifting our 5 ton Guinevere out of her cradle and settling her into the bay. For someone like me, who has never seen a crane and all of the other heavy machinery manoeuver themselves, it was very impressive to observe.

Guinevere Launched 4

Guinevere Launched 3

Guinevere Launched 2

Guinevere Launched 1

We are more at home on the boat now that she is in the water.

Rick had trouble starting the motor to bring the boat over to our slip. He ended up calling Luke, the mechanic who worked on the through hulls and did the engine trial for the survey. The problem ended up being a solenoid. Easily fixed, thank goodness.

After supper, we went for a quick shakedown cruise (motor only, we have no mast and sails up yet) around the bay. Rick looked right at home behind the wheel of the boat.

Rick on Shakedown Ride

Feeling like life is grand!

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