Getting Organized

We still have two days until we leave for our boating adventures in Kingston.

I’ve been busy pulling together last-minute packing jobs, organizing around the house so I can leave for an extended period of time, and finishing up some goodbye correspondence with family, friends, and neighbours.

This afternoon we went for a cup of tea and visit with our friends, Stan and Carol. They are great adventurers at heart and are interested in our upcoming sailing plans. Carol and I are also kindred artistic spirits and she gave me a gift of one of her travel watercolour palettes to bring on our trip.

Later in the afternoon I had a great time readying the palette with fresh watercolours as I dreamed of illustrating my new surroundings on our trip!

Anyway, just a few minutes ago, when I went to photograph the palette to share it proudly with you, I found a mess!watercolour paletteI had tipped the palette when I packed it and now I have a kaleidoscope of watercolours. Back to the drawing (painting) board!

Next day’s reflection: I enjoy learning new things each day. This time I’ve learned to let my paints set for a few hours before moving them. Live and learn.

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